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First Person: Legendary South Dakota Sports Stories is a book from long-time radio personality Mike Henriksen. Mike has compiled 15 of his favorite interviews through the years. You will meet coaches, athletes, and broadcasters from across the state. Some you know, and others you should know.

In First Person, you will discover what recruiting was like in the 1950s for Carroll Hardy, who is among the greatest athletes South Dakota has ever produced. You will hear how Dan Jensen overcame the loss of part of his leg in Vietnam to become one of the world's greatest ultra-marathoners. You will find out which South Dakota broadcaster nearly became the voice of the Minnesota Twins alongside Herb Carneal. These and hundreds of other stories are shared by the people that lived them

To order the book, simply click on the link below.

First Person: Legendary South Dakota Sports Stories is available now for $27 which includes shipping & handling.

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